The Tale of the 65 Kicks

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Alicia from girls-fighting is back in a thrilling 19min mixed fighting video ! Amazing amount of kicks, punches, elbows, scissors and submission holds performed by the legendary french karate junior champion ! Get ready for Alicia’s wrath !

Duration : 19’10


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3 reviews for The Tale of the 65 Kicks

  1. kicksfan

    Oh my sweet lord. What a clip. Simply amazing.Alicia is incredible and your movie is freakin awesome!!! I’d buy everything fromher if you keep this quality… she’s so skilled…I have no words, just thank you for this gem!!!

  2. FightinFlex Team

    Thanks a lot man… hopefully she will get back on her feet for our next shooting (should be OK) and kick some more !!

  3. Alticuno

    Any low blows

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