The Necklace Conflict – Part II

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Dylan is mad. He broke up with Kayla, and bought this stupid necklace for nothing. And it was pretty expensive ! Dylan decides to enter Kayla’s house with his sidekick, and to get the necklace back. Another mistake made by Dylan, who’s in deep trouble now !

Fantastic action performed by our georgeous Kayla, in a wet shirt/tight shorts outfit, distributing barefooted kicks, powerful punches and neckbreak finishers to these pathetic guys. Always with the smile !

Duration : 15’45


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1 review for The Necklace Conflict – Part II

  1. clark

    Awesome job on this video. Great choreography on the fights and I liked the angles you used to capture the action. Kayla looked amazing as always, but especially so in her bikini top 🙂 Her acting was great and her fight moves were impressive.

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