Kayla’s POV Violence

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Warning ! Extreme POV Beating featuring an incredibly brutal Kayla (and Lindsay in the first half of the movie). She was so violent she f*cked my camera during this shooting and I had to buy a new one !!

You’ll never be the same after watching this clip. All you’ll want is to cry for your mother, hidden below your bed^^ We’ve never made such a violent POV clip, this is a must have for brutal POV beating lovers !

Duration : 08’12


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1 review for Kayla’s POV Violence

  1. Victor Normand

    This beating was absolutely amazing. I LITERALLY starter begging for mercy going through this vid. Every punch and kick they threw me felt 100% real that I actually got scared. The looks on their faces as the beat me up real hard just made me even happier. I felt like I was getting bullied by them. When I was alone with Kayla I felt like was there and started wimpering in fear as she beat me up even more. All in all this was amazing and I can’t wait to buy more

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