Kayla Peel - Operation Red Dragon / Chapter 1 - The Informant



Kayla Peel – Operation Red Dragon / Chapter 1 – The Informant



Agent Kayla Peel is a female special agent from MI6 with a license to kill. She comes in second generation of a famous family of special agents, who have saved the world many times from big terrorist acts back to the sixties. This time she is entrusted with a special task, to break into a mass destruction operation, which requires all her abilities, including those to seduce and to kill. Whenever the targets of enemies are males, and women’s weapons are needed to proceed, the best answer to come them over is a female and Kayla Peel is the best of all of them.

Chapter 1 : Her mission is to seduce and to interrogate – when necessary by torture – the key person to get the information about the time and location where a big terrorist is planning a mass destruction operation. When she gets the information, finally after some terrible beating, she kills him, because of the sadistic fun of doing it.

Kayla is amazing in our best mixed fighting production so far, in tight dress and black gloves, wearing nylons and heels. Her gloves will smack the poor victim with power and style, her kicks will force him to obey. Don’t miss our 4-chapters masterpiece, you won’t regret it.

Total duration : 23’29