Elektra’s Brutal POV Beating

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Kayla is back to kick your ass in this awesome POV fighting video. She completely trashed the camera pretending it’s your face, with bare-hands punches and boot kicking action.

Kayla is amazing in Elektra’s outfit, and seems really happy to send you to the nearest hospital. Bad girl !

Duration : 08’20


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2 reviews for Elektra’s Brutal POV Beating

  1. Victor Normand

    This. Was. AMAZING. I loved every second of this. I felt genuinely scared to get beat up by her. Every punch, kick, and slap felt amazing. Honestly would love to get beat up by her in real life but this is the next best thing. Keep it up 😍🤤💢💥💨

  2. FightinFlex Team

    Thanks a lot for your kind comment^^
    Kayla is very brutal indeed, you don’t want to mess with her 😉

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