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June Newsletter - Hard times... Again.

Hello Guys !


First of all, thanks for all your messages of support. These past months have been a nightmare, with two very difficult shootings, and it's great to have support from you guys. You may noticed the website is running very slow since, because I lost a lot of time and money despite all the efforts I put in pre-production.


Alicia was not fully recovered for our latest shooting, and had to decline her participation. She is now back on her feet and should be with us in November to kick ass for more. She got back practising her karate skills, she was really upset not to be with us, and will be very competitive soon. We'll try to make few karate/boxing clips with her during this summer, but nothing is sure for now. Kayla got hurt... again. This time her vocal cords broke during a scene, but she's fine now and is very motivated as well to make more clips with us. She had to go back to her place, and I couldn't finish the custom clips we had to do (we'll make them in November in priority, custom orders won't be available until then). Fun fact : she landed my car into the garage door at the house we rent, great fighter but terrible driver 🙂


I couldn't tell you all the problems we got into these past months, you wouldn't believe me. But I'm positive, I know if I manage to survive all that, my website will be successful. And I have plans. I decided to make slight changes to the websites, and we have new projects and ideas in store with the girls. But I prefer not to tell you about it, because everytime I announce something I run into problems. I guess you'll have to wait and see 🙂


As a result, June and July updates will feature one clip per week, starting with the only action movie I have left with Alicia next week, in a “making of” style with realistic SFX, then the POV version, and few boxing clips (with POV associated) with Kayla, Mina and Julie. I hope these bad days are over. Now's time for me to go on vacations, 3 weeks on a road-trip in the U.S will be more than enough for me to think about all this, and how I want FightinFlex to evolve. But be reassured : FightinFlex is not dying, far from it.


These six first months of production were kinda problematic, not as successful as tozani days, but now I have answers to deal with it and I found two incredible fighters with Kayla and Alicia really motivated to continue the journey with us. Future will be bright !


Thanks to all,


PS : please visit our YouTube page, there's a little reward for the 1K subs. Please subscribe !