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We're looking to make fightinflex videos better for our customers. If you see any feature we should include or improve, please let us know via our forum or contact us.

I loved your old videos, especially the last ones in which you implemented some stomping action.Personaly i like it when the woman is evil and after the beatdown she kills her victim by stomping him/her to death.

I believe some F/F action would be good as well

Thanks for your support 😉

Yeah, we'll implement few stomping action in future videos. Death by stomping is a great idea ! As for F/F action, I don't know. For now we'll stick to F/M action, but it's something I'm thinking about.

If anyone else wants F/F action as well, feel free to share your thoughts here !

I have bought 2 POV clips and they are very nice but i think they miss 2 things.First: a little talking from the fighter so we know a little about the story of why she is beating that guy and maybe..just maybe...a litlle begging at the end at least,from the victim.

Second: i havent seen the any finishing blow or at least i havent felt that there is any.There is a succesive beating until it sudenly stops. It would be nice to see the woman using a finishing blow and make me understand that, now at that moment,she is going to finish him.Some ways to do that is having the woman telling her victim that she is going to finish him and get ready to die or make her pause a little while she is looking down and then do a powerful move with a bone cruching sound.

Yeah, I guess you're 100% right. We will do better POV scenes for next shootings, with a bit more consistency and not just repetitive beating action. It's hard to know what people do like, but for this one I can feel everybody will agree !

There are lots of improvements to make (it was new for me), and you can be sure our future POV scenes will be much, much better. I'm happy with the global effect, the punches and kicks are nice and you really feel like you eare getting beaten hard, so we have nice foundations to build on. But I may be wrong, honestly I don't know for sure, maybe it's not what people want.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and your support, I would love to hear more from everyone (polls are great but not specific) to keep improving the videos ! So don't hesitate, it could profit to all of us 😉