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Heaven or Hell Part II : Doomed

I liked that clip a lot.It had the best ending..great finishing move.

It was very cool that you could see her boot on his head while she crushed it,even if it was brief.

I would like to see in a future video the woman stomp someone face in but this time,she should twist and grind her boot on the face while we hear crunching sounds.

And,out of come the part 2 was out first??

Thanks a lot for your kind review.

I keep your idea of brutal stomps to end the fight, this is a pretty brutal ending I'm looking forward to do 🙂

I know it's strange part 2 comes before part 1, maybe it's because I love Star Wars movies lol ! Seriously, I just wanted to put a Lindsay movie before another Kayla one, and I didn't realize the two clips were the same movie at first... but the two parts are two different stories, so I guess it's not very important. Part 1 will be out soon, for info 😉

Thanks again for your review, it's important for me to know what you guys do appreciate in the movies to keep improve !