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Fantastic Alicia

Oh my what a goddess!! She's just perfect, remember her when she was younger, so cute and yet so dangerous, I bought everything from her... she hasn't changedmuch, she's still beautiful and so, so much skilled!

You said before she was injured, but will prepare to be fully fit for your next shooting, I think we can expect some incredible movies in the future!!!

Congrats again for your last clip, it was just breathtaking. Any request : can you do a movie with her in a karate kimono? Please, the world needs it!

Yep, karate gi is on the menu for next shooting 😉

Thanks a lot for your kind words towards Alicia, much appreciated !

Alicia is indeed amazing (100% agree with Kicksfan)!!!

Taking out bad guys in a low-cut catsuit & high heeled boots or in some rather revealing eveningwear/office wear (again with high heels on) & she would be an utter knockout (in every sense....)!!

Hopefully a lot more to come from Alicia.

Yeah, few videos will come with Alicia.

She got hurt during our last shooting and couldn't make a lot of vids, but we will work with her again during this year so more will come !

Thanks for your support^^