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April Newsletter - Back in Action !


OK guys, so far April is way better than March : I received few messages of support, and it's a good thing to know our work with the girls is appreciated. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts about the movies, I read everything very carefully and it helps a lot. Now I'm more motivated than ever thanks to you ! Et merci aussi aux fans français, on n'est pas nombreux mais on est là^^

As you know we're planning to make more shooting sessions, next is in may and I think we'll make another before the end of 2019.


I don't like custom vids, I won't lie : it takes a lot of efforts and time because I want to make the better clips possible for those interested. But I need to make a few to be able to finance my shootings. Trust me, if I didn't needed it I would not make custom vids at all. I hope fightinflex will succeed and allow me to shoot more and more with Alicia, Kayla and others without customs but for now, customs are still relevant.

There's not many slots available, because I want to make clips I want when I want. Kayla had a lot of demands, but her schedule is complete until the end of the year. Alicia is very appreciated, but I will only make one or two customs with her during next shooting. Be careful : maybe you won't have another possibility to ask for a custom if fightinflex starts growing, so write the best scenario you can^^

As you understand, we'll pick the best offers possible for the website (considering all aspects, not only the price).

Just fill the form below (send it to via the contact form) and I will get back to you shortly 🙂


People asked to buy some unwashed clothes (dresses, shoes, socks, gloves etc) the girls do wear in the movies. I was not very interested at first, but I spoke to Alicia and Kayla and hey are OK with that. All the money will be spend for the girls of course (50% as a tip, 50% to buy more clothes). You'll receive a personal note from the girl of your choice with your item (you can send them a message with your demand of course).
Just send your request via the contact form !
NOTA BENE :I know people will think I only do that job to make $$. That's not the case. I'm passionate, I really want to make the best movies I can, to make funny comedies, but also thriller movies or behind the scenes movies, exploring new ways of doing mixed fighting clips where a hot girl trashes a guy because I like it.

It's as simple as that. My former job was way more interesting for my finances, trust me !

Anyway, i have a lot of ideas and projects for FightinFlex, trust me you won't be disappointed. Thank you all for reading me.


TYPE OF CLIP - Action (sfx) or Beatdown movie (real hits on a stunt with a helmet)

LENGHT (10, 15 or 20mins)

ATTIRE (ex : shorts, dress, karate gi, yoga pants etc...)

SHOES (ex : sneakers, boots, high heels, barefoot etc...)

- Type here the main focus of the movie (don't need to be specific yet)

CAMERA WORK (specific camera angles or fightinflex style)
- Type here if you want simple camera angles (1 or 2 only focused on the action), or the style of fightinflex movies (with lots of camera angles, kicks and punches repetitions, slow-mo etc)

PRICE (minimum 20€/min)
- Type here the price you would pay for your movie.

- Type here if you have more information you want to share

More things : Send your demand the sooner as possible, before the end of the month (we're shooting in May). Demands received after the deadline will not be studied before the end of the year. You'll be asked to pay the full price before we start shooting. Movies will be available few months after, august at the maximum.

Kind regards and thank you all for your support,