Please help us making better videos !

Hello everyone !

Running a website like FightinFlex represents lots of hard work and dedication. I spend all my savings for that project, and I need FightinFlex to work if I want to make better films. We can make beautiful things together.

It takes lot of time to shoot mixed fighting movies : to write scripts, make rehersals, multi-angles shots, lightening, make-up sessions and outfit testing. If I want to make a really great work, I need your help. You can help me to get new outfits, accessories, or rent better places for shooting locations. To find more girls. All you need to do is to make a small donation here, everything will be used for website’s improvement. You’ll get a little reward !

You can help me with your feedback too, It’s always really appreciated. You can also share your thoughts on the forum, to help me making FightinFlex a cool community. I’m always interested about what people do like or not in the movies, it’s really important for this website’s future. Thanks a lot for your support !

Antoine – FightinFlex

Free Donation :

Donate any amount you want, every penny counts !

Note : all donations will be redistributed as tips for the girls.

Donations 1 & 2 :

Donate 10 or 20€ and get “Cheeky Little Girl Executes Big Brother” short mixed fighting clip featuring Kayla as a reward.

Note : all donations will be used to buy new outfits / costumes for the girls

Donations 3 & 4

Donate 30 or 50€ and get “Leslie Breaks Some Faces Again”, an impressive 15min compilation clips of Leslie kicking male opponents with her amazing power and skills.

Note : all donations will be used to improve FightinFlex shooting production equipment

Donations 5 & 6

Donate between 100 and 500€ to get multiple clips on the website

  • 100€ : 15 clips of your choice from the website
  • 200€ : 30 clips of your choice from the website
  • 500€ : ALL CLIPS on FightinFlex website  will be yours, unlimited in time.

Note : all donations wil be used to make extra shooting sessions