FLBu Production is the french action movies production company I own.
I produced many mixed fighting action and POV movies during the years.

I created fightinflex.com and former website tozani.net.
Dedicated to make the best videos possible
for you – and for me – to enjoy.
I do everything I can to meet my customers wishes,
within the realm of the possible.
Please, do not hesitate to contact me
if you have any comment about the content
of my videos, a question,
or if you’d like a specific request 😃

Making videos is great, but trust me,

I don’t do it for money.
The videos I produce are very expensive to make,
that’s why I can’t shoot as often as I would.
The right word would be “passion”,
even if this seems excessive.
That said I don’t say no to donations even the smallest.
If you are willing to help me produce more content,
you’re more than welcome !

Anyway, hope you like the vids.

Antoine D.
Owner of FLBU PROD

Leslie from tozani.net (FLBU Production)

TOZANI | Martial-Arts Comedy-Action Movies

When it all started

This is where FLBU Production started its activity. I decided to create my own movies after working for girls-fighting.net where I met Leslie. The beginnings of tozani.net.

She had the full package : talent, confidence, beauty and power. In other words, Leslie quickly became a true legend in this industry !

Above all, she was very skilled in karate and therefore, we made few amazing movies together such as “Don’t mess with the Babysitter“, “Gimme a Good Story“, “Harrassment I & II, “The Leslie Show“, “Heroes Challenge“, “Meet your Idol I &- II” (my personal favorite with “Lady and the Tramp“), “The Exorcist I & II” etc…

Some of the best intergender fighting movies you will see on internet you can trust me on that !

POV Video by FightinFlex (FLBU Production)

FIGHTINFLEX | POV Fighting Videos

When I decided to actually make money (not proud)

About POV boxing films, the quality is much lower. There is very little acting and most of it was shot without my supervision, while I was filming elsewhere.

In other words, POV fighting movies are mostly meant to fund action movies as they don’t cost anything to produce… maybe excepted buying a camera every now and then ! Yeah, girls really hit the lens unlike a lot of other POV movies out there…

There is no proper scenario, few dialogues, only girls hitting the camcorder for real. For instance, at the beginning I used sound effects but it’s not worth it, it’s quite impressive the way it is. I don’t sell a lot of them but it allows me to make my actors profitable (Kayla costs me quite a lot haha!).

Some are still quite good, like “Kayla’s POV Violence“, “Elyah Mops the floor with your Face“, “Elektra’s Brutal POV Beating“, “Little Sister POV Destruction“, “Blessed by my Kicks“, or the Catwoman series. The two ones with Alicia “Inside FightinFlex – POV Version” and “The Tale of the 65 Kicks (POV Version)” are very exciting though. As you know maybe, she’s quite good – to say the least – at karate kicks. To conclude, I guess you’ll see by yourself !

Kayla for FightinFlex (FLBU Production)

FIGHTINFLEX | Mixed Fighting Action Movies

When I decided to get back on tracks

Years went by and I was really starting to regret that I stopped FLBU Production and making woman vs man movies. Back then my videos were a hit and I didn’t have to do much for sales. However, beginnings of fightinflex.com were laborious in comparison with tozani.net. They were intended to be sold as small short films in streaming, with regular new releases. For instance, to add content we shot fitness movies, POV videos, BOB trainings and even yoga relaxation !

I quickly understood my mistake, but at least you know why the first films are so short and with a bit less action in them. Some are still pretty good, like “Domestic Violence“, “Kitty Plays with her Prey“, “Sassy Schoolgirl Lindsay” or even “Enraged Poem” of which I am very proud.
It was in this movie where I really understood who Kayla really was.

In addition to being a real atomic bomb, she is passionate and can exercise her talents as a stuntwoman freely. You have seen in the Kayla Peel” series and especially in “The Necklace Conflict“, the best films of all my achievements to my liking.

To conclude, I know a LOT of you guys would love to see Alicia perform again… She couldn’t stay longer with us last time and she is very busy now. But she will come back for sure, she performed well in “The Tale of the 65 Kicks” but wasn’t at 100%, can you imagine ?
What a kicking goddess !

FLBU Production : fightinflex + tozani + kickboxer kayla

FIGHTINFLEX | KickBoxer Kayla’s
Beatdown Videos

When I made a pact with the Devil

As Kayla loves our collaboration so much, I decided to do a partnership with her. Which should intensify as she should normally partner with me within FLBU Production soon, but let’s not talk too quickly. We launched a series of videos with real hits, for which she keeps a majority of the earnings. Firstly, it allows me to reduce her salary considerably. Secondly, Kayla can express all of her violence (even though she holds back a lot) because she loves to hit guys for real. She’s made to make woman vs man movies !

In addition, she throws punches like no other and like her life would depend on it. A real tiger ! With control. She could really badly injured any guy in real life with her fists, they are like iron. And I’m not even joking about it (she trains a lot for it).

Sorry to talk so much about money… But my productions are not very profitable, it is a reality with which we cannot cheat.

There isn’t a lot of camera work and little editing. It is very profitable even if the quality is much lower than action movies (only improvisation, few different cam angles etc). For instance, an action film is one or two days of shooting – a week for Kayla Peel – when for these, it takes us much less time. But she hits harder and harder (just watch Kayla vs Tony – Fight n°3) and I just need to find a courageous guy who can endure more than my current actors. Maybe one of you guys ? I am open to proposals 🙂

FightinFlex + Tozani action movies and POV videos